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One to one, and small group yoga classes and retreats in Dartmoor Devon

I'm not teaching at present. If you need assistance this may be possible on a one off or short term basis so please do get in touch.I try to see people in small groups or 1:1 because I've found it's the best way to tune in, and help each person to develop a practice with the right postures, breathing, meditation and how to let go. We may need to change or adapt some postures or how we approach them, modify our breathing and be able to benefit from different meditations. Small group classes and one-to -one yoga is the best way to do this. A chunk of it depend on what is going on for us at any given time because our lives are dynamic and not static, things change all the time and yoga practice provides a constant place we can go to without fixing us or making us immutable or stuck.


A doantion to AEZA or Dogs of Portugal charities.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy takes place on a one-to-one basis and looks into a particular difficulty which has come up - all our difficulties contain more than one aspect and vary enormously, from a physical difficulty like a bad back or specific place of trauma or injury which needs careful rehabilitation, to anxiety or depression, where the right approach with yoga may be beneficial and therapeutic.

Our physical health and mental states interchange constantly with our inner and outer worlds, where work and relationships constantly present challenges for us. Chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, ME and so on need a gentle but sustained approach, and if in pain we need some extra tools to help: these exist in yoga and may not involve any postures at all.

Costs for therapy

 There is no direct fee, but as with other yoga a donantion to AEZA or Dogs of Portugal is necessry.


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