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About Steve. steve-jamison

Starting Yoga

I began yoga early on, back in the last century in fact, when a student at Exeter University. I bumped into an odd character in the city who had been in India for some years and he introduced me to yoga which I tried learning from him and some books. I left Exeter University with a degree in French, lived in France for two years then went to Portugal and a teaching job in Porto where I practised postures from a book. Salazar was in charge of Portugal at the time, it felt dark and unwelcoming and I left, driving south just as the Portuguese Carnation Revolution began - the country was undergoing seismic changes that led to a new openess, to the warmth and friendliness of Portugal today.

I headed to Morocco and lived there for a few years before moving down to Senegal and Gambia where I was lucky enough to play music with local musicians and begin writing songs which eventually led to me putting a band together in London.

Back to London

In London I stopped practising yoga completely and took up Kyushindo karate for twelve years with it's founder George Mayo. I'd managed a black belt and first dan when George suggested yoga again - Kyushindo loosley means the way to yourself but I'd obviously missed something! After travelling to the far East for a spell I returned to the UK and eventually yoga which I've been teaching for the last fifteen years.


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